Everyone should have one

 A 130 Amp Gas/Gasless Mig Welder for $235  -  Plus $30 postage anywhere in Aus.


 This is an excellent welder for DIY home work.  For light work. For thin sheet metal.  Such as car bodywork.

  Made in China by the Sihio company which manufactures thousands of welders - and has done for many years - to feed their enormous China market.

  Made with typical original Chinese no nonsense rugged design.   No  Western sophisticated built-in obsolescence,  carefully controlled just-barely-meeting the specs manufacture here.  But made simply and strongly for a market heavy with Chinese peasant farmers and small tradesmen demanding simple, rugged machinery that will do the job and keep on doing the job.

  The weight is 28kg and it is mostly right there in the core.

 I have only two of these left.  I imported them a couple of years ago and have been selling them locally to friends, mainly.  They are still in the original cartons as received from China. Looking a bit aged and crumpled now, the cartons, but that doesn't change the welders one bit.

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  Otherwise you can email me for bank account details and I will accept Direct Deposit.   The machine will be forwarded upon receipt of payment.

  It would be wise to email me beforehand in any event - to ensure that I still have a welder to sell...

  If you've got any queries at all you can email them, too, I'm happy to answer any such.

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